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August 23rd, 2013
The TSE Team at Exhibitor

We've discussed multiple tips and hacks for trade show goers and today--we're going to share a few more!

Location: It's all about location! If you're business focuses on a particular area or region, it makes sense to attend trade shows or conferences in that location. That means more contacts, potential clients and customers that you want will be able to attend the trade show and see your awesome display.

List Targets: Not only should you always keep who your targeted audience is...

August 16th, 2013
Trade Show Emporium's Cheese Signage

Trade Show Emporium has been lucky enough to work on a cool, new space in Denver called The Source. The Source is a new restaurant and shopping "soon to be" hotspot in Denver. The Source is a converted industrial space and now will house restaurants, a bank a flower shop and more. Comida Tacos is among the restaurants featured in the new space.

Trade Show Emporium has worked on all of the signage for The...

August 07th, 2013
Trade Show Emporium's sign for 3ZERO3

As we have posted a few times via social media platforms, Trade Show Emporium was a proud sponsor of 3ZERO3 Motorsports' Snowmass Automobili Exotica event. But... what exactly did we DO for them? Well, let me tell you...

Trade Show Emporium provided all of the printed material for the event. So brochures and signage were our main printed materials. But, we also provided branded pop-up tents...

August 02nd, 2013
Trade Show Emporium 20'x20' Island Rental

We at Trade Show Emporium noticed the "coffee shop" trend at trade shows a while back, so we started to offer furniture rentals to our clients. That way, trade show exhibitors can get the "loungey" feel everyone wants, but they don't have to break the bank. Accessory rentals are readily available on the Trade Show Emporium website, but what about display rentals? Well, we decided that we needed to up the ante on our trade...

July 26th, 2013

Just being present at a trade show doesn't really cut it--you have to HAVE presence. There is a big difference between the two. Have presence at a trade show is having a great looking booth, friendly staff and a product or idea that really catches people's attention. Another thing that creates buzz and makes people pay attention to you is... free stuff!

Now, we're not saying be all gimmicky and give away stuff that people will turn around a throw away... but free giveaways are always a crowd pleaser. Lucky for you, Trade Show Emporium...

July 19th, 2013
Trade Show Emporium's Supernova Inline Lightbox

When designing a trade show display, many details have to be thought of and discussed to ensure the best possible display is assembled for your company. Details such as flooring, signage (as we discussed last week), graphics and lighting all have thought about and designed. Today we’re going to highlight lighting (...