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June 07th, 2013
Marczyk's Ice Cream Cart

Hopefully most of you saw our posts about our recently finished project—we wrapped an ice cream cart for our friends over at Marczyk Fine Foods! We always love doing vehicle and cart wraps, especially with the food truck trend we are experiencing in Denver—and we’re sure other places are experiencing the same trend! And now that the summer weather has arrived, we’re guessing many more of the gourmet food trucks will start popping up. Who doesn’t love grabbing a gourmet taco on the...

May 24th, 2013
The Town of Vail Display

In a previous post, I talked about how we love to serve all of our clients, but especially those in Colorado. So, it is no surprise that we were pumped to help out the Town of Vail with a few marketing pieces. Vail, home of Vail Ski Resort (duh) is one of the most popular destinations in Colorado for skiing, hiking and admiring the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Our marketing pieces (a few banner stands and...

May 17th, 2013
Trade Show Emporium 10' Event Tent

If you haven’t noticed, or you’ve been stuck inside working… it hasn’t snowed this week. AKA it’s been nice. AKA summer is here! Which means outdoor events are happening… which means you need outdoor event stuff! We’re a huge fan of the tents that we produce and here are a few reasons why:

Fancy: Let’s face it… they’re fancy and eye catching! No one at an outdoor event is going to stop by just a...

May 10th, 2013

Hey, guess what?! We have a pretty fancy showroom here in Denver. That’s right. Located right here in this great city. As Coloradans, we’re really into… Colorado. Duh. So we love serving our Colorado clients. Not that we don’t love our out of state clients, cause we really do! But here are a few reasons we love our Denver showroom and serving those local:

Walk-Ins: We LOVE when our clients stop by to chat, take a look at our showroom and visit our cool little area in TAXI...

May 03rd, 2013
Trade Show Emporium Event Furniture Rental

Exciting news in the … We now provide event furniture! Ever since our trip to EXHIBITOR2013, we knew that furniture was something that we needed to add to our trade show accessory line and now here we are! Here are some cool things about our furniture line…

Rent-able: All of our stuff is rent-able, so you don’t have to shell out big bucks to have that “lounge” feel at your next trade show and you...

April 26th, 2013
Trade Show Emporium's Printed Signs for Refuel

Last week’s blog talked about our embroidery services… well, guess what? Our sign printing and designing services are starting to get noticed, too! We’ve had some awesome signage projects and orders that we’ve been pretty proud of.

Just recently, Refuel (now serving Boxcar Coffee) opened in the Drive building in our business complex. The owner, who also owns Fuel Cafe in our...