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Mike's Trade Show Buying Tips

6' full graphic fast track display

Ever ask yourself, what makes a good trade show display these days or how can you go about getting one of these crazy things ready for a show? Let me help make this process easier. Frist thing is to determine how you want to utilize your space, do you want to have a table top display or do you want to go with a full size floor display. Do you want graphics printed directly on your booth, or do you want to have multiple detachable graphics made to place on Velcro receptive fabric? Let’s talk budgetary concerns; do you want to spend hundreds or thousands? How many shows are you doing per year, and are you ready to ship this display across the nation to your next show? So many questions, so little time to prepare. This is where Trade Show Emporium really shines, let us understand your needs and then recommend, design and produce an end product that is functional, great looking, and fits into your budget. We offer 10 foot full graphic pop-up displays that come complete with a hard shipping case that even converts into a podium for you to use at the show for only $1699, at the same time we can offer you a complete 6’ full graphic table top display with interchangeable graphic panels for only $569. The possibilities are endless, but the results are always stellar! Let us help your business stand out from the rest at your next trade show!