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Lighting Options for Pop-Up Displays

Trade Show Emporium now offers three lighting choices for 10’ pop-up displays and 8’ pop-up displays – all at no additional cost! Now available are (2) 200 watt halogen lights, (5) 75 watt incandescent lights or (2) LED lights. Previously LED lights were an upgrade, but now you can choose LED lighting for your pop-up display without paying extra.

Halogen lights are the most popular choice for pop-up displays. They offer a crisp, white light. Our halogen lights are bright, long lasting and will mount easily to the top of your frame. Incandescent lights – also known as “Las Vegas” lights – are perfect for your Las Vegas trade shows, where halogen is not permitted and bulbs can not exceed 75 watts each. The newest lighting addition – LED light fixtures – offer ultra-bright white light for improved color quality. Not only are available at the same price as the other lighting options, but they consume 15 times less energy than traditional 150 watt halogens!

Good lighting is important for a successful trade show booth. Be sure to check out more lighting options and LED Lights to make your booth shine brightly.